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Anna Müller: Green Creative City

This lecture deals with transformations to be observed in port cities at the beginning of the 21st century. Using two Western European port cities as case studies, Dublin (Ireland) and Gothenburg (Sweden), I show that a new type of cities emerges: the Green Creative Cities.

The cities analyzed are examples for urban environments with a maritime history that are designed by city planners who employ the concepts of the creative class as formulated by Richard Florida (2004 [2002]). In addition, the planners stress the ecological notion of its way of life and therewith implicitly refer to Paul H. Ray and Sherry Ruth Anderson (2001). Following Martina Löw’s (2001) concept of space, I show that city planners employ their programmatic strategies to influence the constitutions of space made by the cities’ users and to transform the cities' materiality and architecture in corresponding ways.